Town Manager

Form of Government

 Under the Council-Manager form of government chosen by the electorate in 1956, the Town of Newton is governed by a five-member elected council of citizens. The Town Council, commonly elected at-large on a non-partisan basis to four-year terms, conducts an annual reorganization meeting on July 1 of each year.

Thomas S. Russo, Jr., Town Manager

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At that meeting, the members of the Town Council choose one of their own members to serve for one year as Mayor and a second member to serve as Deputy Mayor. The Mayor plays a leadership role in the community and may take part in evaluating public sentiment and generating public support for policies and programs. The Mayor also performs the usual ceremonial duties, attending ribbon cutting events, and performing marriages.

Town Manager Responsibilities

The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council, and is directly in charge of all departments of the local government as well as all personnel, and oversees the day-to-day operation of the Town government. Although the Town Manager is responsible to the Council, the proposals and recommendations submitted to the governing body for consideration must reflect the needs of the community and be in the best interests of the municipality.

Duties of the Town Manager

The job of the Town Manager is complex since he must be a policy advisor, planner, and dollar-stretcher. The Manager addresses complaints and is directly involved in preparation of the municipal budget. Some of the general duties of the Town Manager are to:
  • Assure that laws and ordinances are enforced
  • Appoint and remove department heads and employees on the basis of merit and to exercise control and supervision over all departments
  • Make recommendations to the Town Council concerning the affairs of the Town including plans for short- and long-range improvement projects
  • Keep the Council advised about financial conditions and future needs
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget
  • Prepare and submit the annual report
  • Prepare and submit reports as they may be required by the Council
  • Keep the public informed, through reports to the governing body, of the operations of the Town government
In addition to the duties above, the Town Manager must be able to recruit competent people for appointment as department heads to help implement the policy decisions made by the Council.


The Town Manager should be motivated by the following objectives:
  • To strive to inform the public so it understands community issues
  • To find solutions to local problems with the help of County, State, and Federal officials
  • To utilize community resources to address community needs and desires
  • To use technology and professional knowledge to provide the community with essential programs and services
  • To enhance and encourage the community to realize its full potential

Boards & Commissions

The Town Manager and staff provide support for the following:
Newton Parking Authority