Qualified Purchasing Agent

The Purchasing Department is responsible for review and approval of the procurement of goods and services required for the daily operation of the Town in accordance with the State of New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 and N.J.A.C. 5:34), which includes public advertisement for sealed bids.

The Town of Newton's Qualified Purchasing Agent is Sean Canning of the Canning Group, LLC.

Vendor Information

In an effort to improve visibility and participation, the Town of Newton has joined the New Jersey Purchasing Group to solicit bids from vendors. This system will provide you with convenient online access to our bid information, plus other agencies throughout New Jersey.

It’s easy to participate. Simply visit the New Jersey Purchasing Group website  at :
and click on the link to complete your registration. If you are already registered as a vendor on this system, you do not need to register again.  

A subscription service is available that will notify you by e-mail anytime the Town of Newton, or any other participation agency, issues a solicitation that matches your company’s business. A free, non-notification subscription is also available, at no charge, that provides access to all bid opportunities, however with no automatic notification.

The Town of Newton plans to allows vendors to respond electronically (where allowed by law). Many agencies on the New Jersey Purchasing Group allow vendors to submit bid responses electronically, saving costly hours to print and deliver their responses to our office.

We hope you find this service useful in expanding your visibility to the broad array of bid opportunities from the extensive number of agencies that are part of the New Jersey Purchasing Group. We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation!

If you need help registering, please call BidNet’s Support Department at 800-835-4603, Option 2.


Town of Newton
Sean P. Canning
Purchasing Agent

Bid Results                                                       Competitive Contract Summary

Electrical Services Bid 13-2020 11-18-2020

Memory Park Pool Renovations Bid 3-2020 1-24-2020         CC 5-2020 Payment Processing Services


Lease of Space on the High Street Water Tank - 11-9-16      CC 13-2018 Payroll Services Summary

Madison Street Sidewalk Improvements 11-9-16                   CC 12R-2018 Water Testing Summary

Replacement of Rotating Biological Contactors 11-17-16


Electrical Services Bid #1-2017 on 2-8-17

Sludge Hauling Bid #2-2017 on 2-8-2017

Chemical Supplies Bid #4-2017 on 2-8-17

Auto Repair Bid #6-2017 on 3-8-17 

Cleaning Services Bid #7-2017 on May 10, 2017

Roller Hockey Resurfacing Bid #9-2017 on August 25, 2017

Firehouse #2 9-7-17

Firehouse #2 Re-Bid 2-15-18

Improvements to Dam Site No. 2 2-21-2018

Laboratory Testing 9-6-2018

Chemical Supply Bid #16-2018 11-28-18


Sludge Hauling Bid #1-2019 1-8-19

Pump Maintenance Services Bid #3-2019 2-27-19
Rejection of all bids for Pump Services

Cleaning Services Bid #4-2019 2-27-19

ADA Ramps for Plainfield Avenue July 31, 2019

ADA Ramps for Halsted St and Madison St Section II June 17, 2020

Bid Awards

Replacement of Rotating Biological Contactors Project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant 12-12-16

Proposed Madison Street Sidewalk Improvement Project

Electrical Services Bid 1-2017

Sludge Hauling Chemical Waste 2-2017

Chemical Supplies Bid 4-2017

Auto Repair Services Bid 6-2017

Liberty Street Sidewalk Improvement Portion

Competitive Contracting Award for Water Testing Services