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Feb 12

February 13, 2015

Posted on February 12, 2015 at 4:57 PM by Thomas Russo, Jr.

Our next Council meeting is Monday, February 23rd at 7:00pm. We have one item for Executive Session.

Morris Lake was 21 inches below the top of the spillway on 2.9.15.

Department heads are sending annual report information to Terri in preparation of the 2014 edition.

The oil tank at the Fire Patrol building was removed. There was some contamination – however, all has been remediated. The analytical results should be back by February 19th. At this point the sale is still proceeding.

We had a conference call on Monday with officials from various state agencies to discuss the status of the Armory project. We will discuss the draft MOU at our next Council meeting Executive Session.

I convened a meeting this week to discuss CENCOM and the fact that Newton PSAP is still taking wireless calls from our old dispatch customers due to the fact that the County system is not 100% ready for same. We are looking for a meeting with the County personnel to discuss same.

We met with our partners at TransOptions this week to discuss a Pedestrian Education Safety Campaign for Newton. We are working with this important organization to address pedestrian-related incidents through education and enforcement efforts. TransOptions will be scheduling pedestrian education programs for school-age students and senior groups. A Speed Sentry monitor will be designated for Newton in June and November. TransOptions will reach out to important community groups and stakeholders to ask them to participate and they will monitor certain key “hotspot” intersections with high pedestrian traffic to collect pre/post observational data. I will keep you posted.

I met with Carol Pranga from Clear Channel to discuss our 2015 radio marketing campaign – Newton Day and Traffic Sponsorship on WSUS/WNNJ for the Spring Street One-Way campaign.

Have a great weekend! Stay safe!

Yours for a Better Newton,