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Dec 09

December 9, 2011

Posted on December 9, 2011 at 2:34 PM by Terri Oswin

A reminder that Santa Claus will be at Firehouse #1 on Mill Street on Sunday, December 11th from 7am-11am.  Come have breakfast with Santa!  Tickets are $6 for Adults, $4 for Children.

Our next Town Council meeting is Monday, December 12, 2011 at 7:00pm. Just a reminder that prior to the meeting the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in front of the Municipal Building will be held at 6:00pm. 

Lorraine's office has prepared the minutes from the November 28th Executive and Regular meetings for consideration and approval.

This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan on staying for the whole meeting.  There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 5 minutes.  This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward.  The public can speak on any matter.


There are three ordinances for introduction:

Ordinance 2011-24 will replace the current police ordinance currently in effect as per our discussion at the last Council meeting. 

Ordinance 2011-25 will establish salary and wage minimums and maximums for 2012.

Ordinance 2011-26 will increase the allotment for merchant parking passes from a maximum of 2 to a maximum of 4, as requested by the Parking Authority.

Resolution #251-2011* will accept the Improvements to the Right Abutment at Morris Lake Project as final and complete as recommended by our Engineer.

Resolution #252-2011* will concur with the Town Manager’s appointment of Special Police Officers for 2012.

Resolution #253-2011* will cancel small balances of property tax refunds or delinquencies in the amounts less that $10.00.

Resolution #254-2011 will designate Linda A. Roth as our Tax Search Officer for 2012.  

Resolution #255-2011* will establish the rate of interest to be charged for delinquent taxes.

Resolution #256-2011* will designate the Town Manager as the National Organization on Disability Representative for the Town for 2012.

Resolution #257-2011* will appoint the Local Emergency Planning Committee for 2012.

Resolution #258-2011* will designate Debra Millikin as the Public Agency Compliance Officer for 2012.

Resolution #259-2011* will designate the Town Manager, Treasurer, and CFO to sign checks in 2012.

Resolution #260-2011* will authorize credits due water and sewer utility accounts.

Resolution #261-2011* will designate the NJ Herald and NJ Sunday Herald to receive notices in compliance with the NJ Open Public Meetings Act for 2012.  This is for the posting of meetings.

Resolution #262-2011* will designate the NJ Herald and NJ Sunday Herald as the legal newspapers for the Town for 2012.  This is for legal advertisements.

Resolution #263-2011* will appoint Paul Baldwin as the Town’s representative to the Sussex County Water Quality Policy Advisory Committee for 2012.

Resolution #264-2011* will appoint Kenny Jaekel as the Town’s representative to the Sussex County Solid Waste Advisory Committee for 2012.

Resolution #265-2011* will authorize the Tax Assessor, Town Attorney, and Town Manager to act on the Town’s behalf with regard to tax appeals for 2012.

Resolution #266-2011* will appoint the Town Manager as Hearing Officer in any matters of dispute for the Town in 2012.

Resolution #267-2011* will establish the Town Council meeting dates for 2012.

Resolution #268-2011* will transfer school monies for January 1 through June 30, 2012.

Resolution #269-2011* will appoint Thea Unhoch as the Senior Citizen Coordinator for the Town for 2012. 

Resolution #270-2011* will designate the CFO/Finance Director as the individual authorized to sell Bond Anticipation Notes.

Resolution #271-2011* will authorize a refund of redemption monies to an outside lien holder for Block 720, Lot 12. 

Resolution #272-2011* will authorize a refund of redemption monies to an outside lien holder for Block 803, Lot 3. 

Resolution #273-2011* will authorize cancellation of a portion of the Trust Reserve for Fire Prevention into the Current Account.

Resolution #274-2011* will support submission of a grant application for the NJDOT Safe Routes to School Program.

Resolution #275-2011* will approve appropriation transfers.

Resolution #276-2011* will designate the banks to be used as depositories for 2012.

Resolution #277-2011* will approve bills and vouchers for payment.

Resolution #278-2011* will authorize insertion of special items of revenue into the Water and Sewer Budget.  This will be used to perform a Forestry Plan at Morris Lake as per the Council’s direction.

Resolution #279-2011* will authorize extending the completion date for the elevator upgrades to April 1, 2012 based on the recommendation of our Engineer.

Application* there is one application for your consideration:
(1)  On-premise raffle (pull tab) for the Moose Lodge #432 to be held throughout the year, January – December 2012.




Resolution #280-2011 will authorize going into closed session.  I have three topics to discuss:  (1) Contract Negotiations; (2) Potential Litigation; and (3) Personnel. 

The Morris Lake Reservoir was 1 ½ inches above the top of the spillway on 12.5.11.

I am pleased that Kerry Deckert will start her duties as our new Recreation Supervisor on Monday. 

The annual Senior Holiday Luncheon occurred last Sunday and it was very well attended and coordinated.  My thanks to all staff who volunteered their time to assist, and special thanks to Suzie Givone for coordinating same.

We are pleased to announce that Lafayette and Stillwater will be joining CENCOM starting January 1, 2012.  The Town of Newton is certainly to be considered at the vanguard of shared services, and our dispatch center & personnel are indicative of same.

Our newest Special Police Officer, Kyle Phlegar, will be graduating from the academy next Thursday.  I look forward to joining the Chief and Mayor in attending this special ceremony.

Debra Carter has started to distribute the new Personnel Manual and NJMEBF Plan Document

Enjoy your weekend!  TSRJR