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Apr 22

April 22, 2022

Posted on April 22, 2022 at 2:29 PM by Kathryn Alcock

Our next regular Town Council meeting (in person and via Zoom – Hybrid Regular Meeting) is Monday, April 25, 2022, beginning at 7:00pm. There will be two (2) items for Executive Session.


The Clerk’s office has prepared for your consideration and approval the minutes from April 11, 2022 – Regular Meeting.



This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan to stay for the whole meeting. There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 3 minutes and limited to one turn at the microphone. This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward. The public can speak on any matter. Council may choose to comment after the entire public portion has concluded. Comments from the public will be both in-person and via Zoom.



Each Councilmember can give an update on various items or Board/Commission actions that have taken place recently. 



There are three (3) ordinances for Second Reading:


Ordinance 2022-8 will amend, revise, and supplement the Town Code of the Town of Newton, Chapter 266, entitled “Streets and Sidewalks”, Article 1 “Snow and Ice Removal”, most notably Section 266-1, entitled “Duty to Remove”.


Ordinance 2022-9 will amend, revise, and supplement the Town Code of the Town of Newton, Chapter 307, entitled “Vehicles and Traffic”, Article V “Parking Meters”, most notably Section 304-26, entitled “Additional Rules and Regulations”.


Ordinance 2022-10 will authorize the conveyance of an access easement over certain real property owned by the Town of Newton to Trinity Professional Office Building, LLC.


There is one (1) ordinance for Introduction:


Ordinance 2022-11 will amend, revise, and supplement the Town Code of the Town of Newton, most notably Chapter 307, Entitled “Vehicles and Traffic”; Most Notably Provisions of Article V “Parking Meters”, and Article VIII “Metered Parking Lots”, as well as Chapter 100 “Fees and Costs”, most notably Section 100-15, Entitled “Vehicles and Traffic” as recommended by the Newton Parking Authority.  



If none of you have any items that you wish to pull from the Consent Agenda, the Mayor shall call for one roll call vote for all the Consent Agenda items. 


Resolution #119-2022* will cancel the contract for cleaning services with Quality Facility Solutions.


Resolution #120-2022* will authorize submission of an application for DMHAS Grant Funding for the Action Municipal Alliance for 7/1/22-3/14/23.


Resolution #121-2022* will approve Schmidt’s Wholesale Water Meter Supply Bid 3-2022.


Resolution #122-2022* will authorize the use of Omnia Partners, formerly known as US Communities National Cooperative, to procure goods and services for the Town.


Resolution #123-2022* will authorize the award of a required disclosure contract for Convirgent Technologies, Inc.


Resolution #124-2022* will authorize Police Equipment and Accessories Contract pursuant to New Jersey State Contract – Division of Purchase and Property Number NJ 17-Fleet-00731. John-Paul Couce and Michelle Teets will abstain.


Resolution #125-2022* will appoint Michael Awertschenko as Municipal Representative to the Sussex County Water Quality Policy Advisory Committee.


Resolution #126-2022* will authorize a Person-to-Person and Place-to-Place transfer of Plenary Retail Consumption License No. 1915-33-011-009, amending Resolution #116-2022.


Resolution #127-2022* will authorize the award of a required disclosure contract for Planet Networks Inc.


Resolution #128-2022* will approve bills and vouchers for payment.


Resolution #129-2022 will discuss Attorney-Client Privilege and Contract Negotiations.


As of April 22, 2022, Morris Lake is 2” above the top of the spillway.


Plans are underway for Newton Day 2022.


We had a TRC meeting this week to discuss modifications at the Thorlabs World Headquarters at 56 Sparta Avenue.


We attended the Ribbon Cutting for Sarah Jane Photography on Spring Street. We wish her the best of everything in her new endeavors.


Staff loved the lunch delivered today by Indian Masala! Please check out this amazing new restaurant on Spring Street when you are in the mood for authentic Indian cuisine.


The Parking Authority approved the purchase of four (4) new kiosks for the parking lots in Town. This will allow for debit/credit card payments and various other ways to pay (text, app, etc.).


Let’s Go Rangers!


Yours In Service,