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Apr 05

April 5, 2012

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 2:52 PM by Terri Oswin

Just a reminder that the Municipal Offices will be closed tomorrow for Good Friday.  Our next Town Council meeting is Monday, April 9th at 7:00pm.  Happy Passover and Happy Easter!


Lorraine’s office has prepared the minutes of the March 26th Regular and Executive meetings for your approval.


This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan on staying for the whole meeting.  There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 5 minutes.  This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward.  The public can speak on any matter.


The proclamations that were given to the NFD at their recent dinner will be noted for the record.


There are four ordinances for 2nd reading and public hearing:

Ordinance 2012-10 is a fully funded water sewer capital improvement ordinance to provide funding for the Maple Avenue Watermain Project.

Ordinance 2012-11 will amend Chapter 307 Vehicles and Traffic of the Code Book to prohibit engine braking.

Ordinance 2012-12 will delete and repeal Chapters 162, 240, 320, and 139 and replace them with our new Land Use Ordinances.

Ordinance 2012-13 is a bond ordinance providing funding for various capital improvements.

There are two ordinances for introduction:

Ordinance 2012-14 is a fully funded general capital improvement ordinance to provide funding for various improvements.

Ordinance 2012-15 will authorize the re-bid and sale of the portion of the RR ROW.


Utility Board Appeal – 19 Diller Avenue.  Gillian Columbus would like to speak to you further regarding her appeal.  As you may recall she appeared before you on February 13th and you recommended she have her meter tested.  It came back accurate.


If none of you have any items that you wish to pull from the Consent Agenda, the Mayor shall call for one roll call vote for all of the Consent Agenda items. 

Resolution #60-2012* will award the purchase contracts for the acquisition of chemicals to several different companies.  This should look familiar to you, as it is done every April.

Resolution #61-2012* will award the purchase contract for sludge and chemical waste trucking.  This should also look familiar, as it is also done each year in April.

Resolution #62-2012* will award the bid for the purchase of a single-axle roll off recycling truck to Campbell Freightliner, LLC.

Resolution #63-2012* will approve a tax appeal settlement and credit with Weis Markets.  Please see Mike Holenstein’s memo in your packet.

Resolution #64-2012* will approve a tax appeal settlement and refund with Newtonian Associates.  Information on this is also included in Mike’s memo.

Resolution #65-2012* will authorize the submission of a tonnage grant application to the NJDEP.

Resolution #66-2012* will authorize entering into a shared services agreement with Andover Township.  A copy of the agreement has been included in your packet.  

Resolution #67-2012* will authorize a site access agreement for the Armory property.

Resolution #68-2012* will approve the fireworks display for the Newton Day celebration. 

Resolution #69-2012* will authorize amending the professional services agreement for Town Planner.  Jessica Caldwell has started her own planning firm, located in Newton.

Resolution #70-2012* will approve bills and vouchers for payment.

Resolution #71-2012* will award the contract for the upcoming Moran Street Waterline Project.


  1. An application for an on-premise 50/50 from the Pride Foundation to be held on May 21st at 2:30pm at the Middle School.






Resolution #72-2012 will authorize the Town Council to go into closed session to discuss land acquisition and potential litigation.


The Morris Lake Reservoir was 4 inches below the top of the spillway on 4.2.12.

Kirsti and I met this week with Jill Cross, HR Director at Thorlabs.  We are working on volunteer and financial opportunities between the town and the company.  I will keep you posted as conditions warrant.

The DPW crew painted the space numbers in Lot #5 – Eastern Plaza yesterday morning.  Today they worked on removing the old parking machine in anticipation of Monday’s delivery of the new machine.

New trash/recycling containers were placed at 3 locations at the municipal complex yesterday.  Also, new garbage containers (matching the one in front of the Fire Museum) will be placed in a dozen locations on Spring Street.

Quotes were received today for the purchase of watermain pipe and fittings for the Moran Street Watermain Project.  The lowest quote was Capitol Supply Construction Products, Inc., of Denville, NJ.  Capitol advised that all the materials are in stock and materials can be delivered within the next week or two. 

Walker Diving was on site last week to do diving at Dam Site #4 to locate the intake pipe which goes into the outfall structure of the dam.  As part of this dive, the crew went into a manhole and measured the size of the pipe and valve.  Walker Diving will be providing a price to replace the valve and to place a grate over the intake pipe to prevent sediment and rocks getting into the line.  This will allow the outflow structure to be exercised every six months.

Debi, Erv, and Jack met on site with Doug Tavella of Appalachian Forestry Service on Wednesday to begin work on the Forestry and Steward Management Plan for the Morris Lake Watershed.  Doug indicated that the completed report would be done by the fall.

Morris Lake’s eagles have been nesting for the past month and half.  An eagle hatched sometime this week so the eagles are tending to the nest. 

The New Spring Street Merchants Group met today and is working on their promotions for the year.  I would anticipate receiving a list of events coming my way so that we may begin disbursements towards same. 

Enjoy your weekend and holidays!  Best wishes to the Yankees & Mets as the baseball season begins and…Lets’ Go Rangers!  Playoffs!?!