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Customer Service Survey

  1. Town of Newton Customer Satisfaction Survey

  2. Our Mission
    The Newton Municipal Organization strives to be the best it can be by consistently providing excellent customer service, governance, and community facilities.

    The goal of the municipal organization is to enhance the quality of life for our residents through the delivery of exceptional services. The success of the organization is contingent upon not just the quantity but quality of work, initiative, reliability, job knowledge, self-discipline, communication skills and leadership of all municipal staff members.

  3. Town Council
    Jason J. Schlaffer, Mayor
    Michelle J. Teets, Deputy Mayor
    John-Paul E. Couce, Councilman
    Matthew S Dickson, Councilman
    Sandra Lee Diglio, Councilwoman
    Thomas S. Russo, Jr., Town Manager
    Teresa A. Oswin, Municipal Clerk/Deputy Town Manager

  4. Town Hall Contact Information
    39 Trinity Street
    Newton, NJ 07860
    Phone: 973-383-3521
    Fax: 973-383-8961
  5. This survey has been designed to measure how satisfied residents and others doing business with the Town are with the manner in which Town services are provided. You should complete this survey based upon your most recent contact or interaction with the Town.

    Our goal is to handle each and every contact in a timely and professional manner. Feedback regarding your recent contact will help us determine if we are meeting our goal. Please be assured that your comments will be reviewed by the Town Manager and appropriate staff. For your convenience, we have also included a question on the survey if you would like to be contacted by the Manager’s Office. Thank you again for your feedback.

    Thinking about your most recent contact/interaction with the Town…

  6. What type of contact or interaction did you have?*
  7. How satisfied were you with (Completely Satisfied / Very Satisfied / Satisfied / Somewhat Satisfied / Not Satisfied):
  8. If you had an appointment, did the Town employee arrive at or before the scheduled time?*
  9. Did the Town employee display a professional manner at all times?*
  10. Were your questions/issues addressed the first time?*
  11. Would you like to be contacted by the Town Manager’s office to discuss your survey responses?*
  12. Are you a...?*
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