Virtual Fitness

Zumba Gold Virtual Classes - Work out at home! 

Classes will be posted everyday and are available for 24 hours once posted.  Choose the day and time that works for you.  Classes can be accessed by clicking the link and registering with Zumba.  There is a $5 suggested donation per class; payable through the Zumba Gold website.

Zumba®️Gold on demand - medium intensity class, no jumping or spinning, fun music and easy to follow moves 😄 Zumba Gold with Peggy Vol 1

Zumba®️Gold on demand - low intensity class, still fun music, no jumping or spinning, and easy to follow moves, but slower 😁 Zumba Gold with Peggy -Slow 1

Coming this week!! A seated Zumba®️ Gold on demand - all the fun of a standing class but in a chair for those who are unable to stand.