Doing Business


The Town of Newton has been at the vanguard of new business development for decades. A progressive and thoughtfully planned community, the Town has leveraged its location, services, and history into a successful partnership with businesses of all sizes. The Town encourages commercial development that will bring about quality ratables and places for residents to work and shop.

Starting A New Business

Anyone interested in starting a new business in the Town of Newton is encouraged to first speak with the Zoning Officer, Construction Department, and Fire Prevention Bureau, to determine what might be required to start your particular business in Newton.

Community Support

Additionally, the Town is fortunate to have the support and leadership of the Greater Newton Chamber of Commerce organization to help prospective business owners find locations, grant funding and loan opportunities, and other methods of support and assistance.

In today’s tough economic times, opening a new business can be a daunting task. In the Town of Newton, our municipal staff at all levels looks forward to working with dedicated and innovative entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams, and becoming a part of the fabric of our community.

Find an Existing Business