Water / Sewer Utility Collection

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2023 Water and Sewer Rates

Gallons per QuarterWater RateSewer RateCombined Water/Sewer Rate
0 to 4,000$31.50 minimum$47.25 minimum$78.75 minimum
Over 4,000$15.22/M$7.87/M$23.09/M

Billing Dates

Water / Sewer billing occurs:

  • March 1 - Due no later than March 15
  • June 1 - Due no later than June 15
  • September 1 - Due no later than September 15
  • December 1 - Due no later than December 15


Payments received after the due dates are subject to a 10% penalty on the current quarter billing.

Please note: For the convenience of our customers, a drop box is located by the front door and the side door of the Municipal Building for payments or meter cards.

Meter Readings

Meter readings are done approximately six weeks prior to the billing dates above. If we are unable to obtain a reading, a pre-paid postcard is left.

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