Tax Assessor


The Tax Assessing Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining the assessed value for all real estate within the Town of Newton. Each year the assessments for existing properties are routinely reviewed for uniformity and newly assessed values are established for any recently completed or renovated structures.

The Assessor receives a copy of all building permits filed within the Town, and makes inspections during the summer months to determine any changes in value resulting from new construction.

Tax Book

During mid-December, a legal notice is published in the NJ Herald announcing a date and time when the Tax Book will be available for review by the public (typically the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year's week). This provides the public with an opportunity to review any property assessments before those figures are filed with the Sussex County Board of Taxation.

The County Tax Board adopts the official Tax Book by January 10 of each year. The deadline for filing tax appeals to challenge an individual assessment is April 1.

Additional Information:

Assessment Review

If a property owner feels aggrieved because their assessment is "out of line" with other similar properties in Town, then they should pursue an Assessment Review prior to the end of the year. The review process involves filling out a questionnaire dealing with the specific facts about your property and any issues that are of relevance. The Assessor reviews any submissions in this regard between October 15th and December 15th, in order to implement any necessary changes to the Tax Book for the following year. If a review results in no change to the assessment, the property owner will be notified of this decision by mail, and informed about the Appeal Process available to them.

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